My coop

very very cute.
Now I just have to wait till the girls can spend the night in it! They've been in the run for recess, then back in the brooder. Only 4 weeks old, not quite feathery enough, plus it's still pretty cold here at night.
i have some 4 week olds that I put outside yesterday. I put a light there at night for another couple weeks, but they love having the run of the lawn and the older girls are quite interested in their antics. It's almost like they love chick TV as much as I do!!
I'm lucky. We have lots of crows to scare off the hawks and our cats keep vigilant patrol of the yard day and night to keep the racoons out. Obviously I do lock them up at night to be sure, but yeah, not a lot of predators.

However, a crow did carry off an injured one. I had one with a twisted neck (crookneck?) and the crows thought it would be a tasty meal for her babies. Survival of the fittest I guess.

So not totally predator free, but close.
We can pick it up and move it very easily -- the whole thing weighs about 100 pounds. The plan is to move it every week or so till it gets too late in the winter. Then we can move it over one of the flower beds by the garage, which will shelter it, allow easy access for electricity, and make it a shorter jaunt for chores.

We live in town, with a fenced yard, so our predator issues are less than some but certainly not non-existent. The wire goes all the way down and sticks into the grass and I have staple-things to hold it down. All the doors have latches with french clips, the window has hardware cloth over it, and the hens will be inside at night. I work early AM to early afternoon, so I can let the ramp down when I go and I can let them out to free range when I get home (and do garden chores and homework).

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