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6 Years
Jul 16, 2013
Strathmore, Alberta
We put an insulated sky light in our coop. They seem to like it so far. Hoping it keeps them warm in the winter and gives them plenty of light in the cold months. Hopefully there isn't a downfall to it. Haven't had a winter with it yet so wondered. The coop is insulate and well vented and full of straw and shavings to keep warm. I don't plan to heat it as we have power outages often. Thoughts?
Looks good. They sky light should help warm the coop on sunny winter days. You don't need to heat the coop - just keep it draft free (but still have good ventilation) with plenty of food and water and your birds should be fine. I wrap my run with clear vinyl shower curtains, and this helps keep the run much warmer, and blocks all wind. It even keeps my waterers from freezing during the day.

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