My Cornish Rock Hen just had a piece of CHICKEN come out of her

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    May 31, 2016
    Greetings - This site has been the most helpful since my husband adopted a group of Cornish Rock meat birds last May. I took the advice of several members and successfully have the 3 hens laying regularly. One week ago, I noticed one with a large tear in her skin behind and under her wing, most likely from over-mating. We separated her, cleaned the wound, put neosporin on it, fed her layer feed, peanuts, fresh veggies, yogurt and Gatorade. One week later, she is healing nicely. Not once, throughout this ordeal, did she demonstrate lethargy or loss of appetite, nor did she stop laying. I examine[​IMG]

    her poop - which changes daily, it has all been in the normal range - until this morning. I am attaching a photo of it - what in the hell is that big piece? - it looks like chicken! Can someone help me - she is acting fine, otherwise.
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    That could be what is called a lash egg. If you slice it, it may have many layers. Lash eggs are a result of salpingitis, an inflammation of the oviduct. If you Google salpingitis, has a couple of good articles about it. Also search for "lash egg" at the top of this page for more threads with pictures.
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    May 31, 2016
    I just pulled up photos and information on lash eggs, thankfully, I do not think that is what I have here. First off, it is small, less than half the size of a normal egg. I just sliced it open - there are no layers or formations inside, basically, it looks like a soft deflated eggshell with a bit of clear fluid in it. Also, several people commented on the foul smell of lash eggs - there is no smell coming from it. I will do a bit more reading on this site to see what it may be. After a week of nursing her wound, I don't want to lose her to an infection way after the fact.Although I have her separate from the other birds I put her next to them in a pen. I have been putting her on grass but the other day I put her over some dirt and she immediately clawed and pecked the surface and took a dirt bath. The scab over her wound is quite dirty - should I bathe her again and keep her out of the dirt. These Cornish meat birds seem to HATE being clean! They are so pretty and white when clean - but mine never look like that!
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    If the wound is scabbed over, don't worry. If it's still open, then go ahead and clean her.

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