My cousin may hate me for it, but prayers are urgently needed!!!

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    My cousin is a very secretive person, so I won't go into a ton of detail about her or her life, but prayers are urgently needed for her father.

    My aunt was with her father for 24 years, married for ten of those, and the product of that marriage was my two cousins. Well, shortly after they divorced, Mike went to the hospital when he had his appendix out, and, well, while they were in his abdomen, they found a mass on his liver. This was back in '95. It turned out to be cancer and he had to have masses removed from several other organs as it has metastesized. Fast forward to this year. Mike had had a total of 12 surgeries when he was informed last month that the cancer was back again. The doctors were reluctant to do the surgery because they weren't sure they could close him back up without internal bleeding. They took a chance, they opened him up, and they removed the cancer, and...they closed him up. He was in the hospital a few days, and went home...where he promptly began to bleed internally. He ended up back in the hospital, and he was in and out for awhile, and apparently the home care nurses weren't bandaging him right, so my cousin started bandaging him, and for a little while, the bleeding stopped. That was for maybe 2 days. Then he started to bleed so bad she rushed him to the ER where he was admitted, and another procedure (not sure if it was a surgery or not) was performed to stop the bleeding, and the info I got was that yes, it had helped, but the doctors flat out said that if this procedure didn't work, there wasn't anything else they could do, and he would die. Well, my cousin just rushed her dad back to the ER tonight. Mike is in terrible pain, he's bleeding again, and she's sitting in the room with him, holding his hand, watching him cry, and trying not to cry herself. Her dad has NEVER been the kind of person to show emotion. EVER. HE always kept a tight reign on his emotions, but faced with his own mortality, and excruciating pain, is taking it's tole on him. My cousin is terrified that her dad will die, and is afraid of what that might mean for her and her brother (they found out that cancer is quite common on their dad's side of the family). Mike is only 53. He doesn't even have any grandkids yet, and it's not looking good. I hope I didn't reveal too much about my cousin, I tried only to explain the health problem her dad is going through, and what I explained is quite literally all I really know. I've been praying for Mike, and hard. Shoot, the man was my uncle for all of my childhood, and part of my adulthood, and while he's not the best father my cousins could have, he loves them, and they love him, and so I pray for him. I pray that God heals him, and that that the pain subsides so that his recovery is swift, but if it's not God's will that he should recover, then I pray that he not be allowed to suffer any more. He's been through so much, and his body can't take much more. I feel that more prayers can't hurt, Mike can't continue to suffer like he is without all the prayers for healing that he can possibly get. Mike's family is warring (his mother, brother, and sister), and fighting with my cousins to the point that my cousins have disowned them. They won't pray for him, they want things from him instead, and that saddens us all. So please, if there is anyone out there that can pray for Mike, and for my two cousins, and if you don't mind, pray that his family sees the error of their ways and come together to support Mike, and his children, in their time of need. I have been praying hard since the moment he was first diagnosed (for the 13th time). Please, I know prayer works, and can help bring him peace, and bring peace to my cousins, and hope. Thank you my friends.
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    You got it, prayers being said.
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    Sorry to hear about your uncle. It makes it even more difficult when the family is not getting along. May God's will be done, and you and the rest of the family find strength and comfort through Him, whatever the outcome may be. [​IMG]
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    Thank you so much ladies. It means so much that more prayers are going up for the family.
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    Prayers said. [​IMG]
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    prayers sent and sending hugs to you and your family
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    will do.
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    Well, they admitted Mike, like I expected. My cousin has been sitting up with him in the hospital but that was all the info she gave. I don't know what, if anything, that the doctors can do, besides give him pain meds. Oh, forgot to mention that after his last surgery, he developed a MRSA infection. I don't know if he's in because of the bleeding and that, or just the bleeding. Please keep up the prayers if you can. He needs all that he can get. Thank you all that are praying for him.

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