My Cream Legbar has Twisted neck and others with soft shell eggs

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    Mar 31, 2012
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    My Coop
    I just had a neighbour come to my house saying one chicken was in his garden, my chickens are clipped and never fly away

    I went and got her and she was very scared but not hurt and my chickens run from me yet she never ran or flapped when i picked her up

    upon returning her to her coop i noticed 2 soft shell eggs on the floor, layed from the perch not more then an hour ago

    and teh worst thing i saw was my Cream Legbar with a twisted neck sitting out side the coop

    i returned her also to the coop

    she seems to be able to move her neck but it rests in the infamous twisted position

    i really need help

    not seen this before and keep my chicken well with ACV, High quality pellets and Oyster Shell

    here is a video BTW its 10pm so its a bit dark

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