My cute Lil lone Chukar!!!!


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Thanks birdboy! he is a tiny lil thing and a lil lonesome but what can you do u know lol! I found an egg out in the yard so i am trying to hatch a friend for him. Im keeping my fingers crossed that its fertile! ill candle it in about A WEEK AND SEE!
I like how chuckar and barbary chicks lay flat on their bellies enjoying the heat lamp with both legs stretched straight back
he look like a she. I had a few where only hatches or others don't make it. She'll be fine to be raised alone. I had one we raised that way, now he wants to be inside with us, and loves to be handled. Pretty neat how people inprint on them. But am sure that'll change when he has his hens.
You think Its a She? I dont know a thing about telling the sex lol! I do know she/he is really cute though. I am still trying to figure out what to feed him as extra stuff! I was told a few different things like scrambled eggs, spinach, grapes, sweet corn and stuff. But at what age can I start this stuff..? He/she is about 5 days old now! Oh and grass clippings and mealworms too. Anyone have an idea of ages for this stuff? Oh and when to start the grit?
Sexing new born chicks is pretty easy. Males have a more round head bigger. Females thinner, longer head. I know it tough to tell without any other chicks. I usually wait about 2 to 4 weeks before I give them anything else to eat like mealworms. Just keep it on gamestarter for atleast 6 weeks. They also love wild bird seeds, but they seem to love lettuce the best.

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