My DD is doing so Good at school!!

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    So she is 5, and in SK.. That's senior kindergarden.. Here, we have Junior and Senrior.. Some of the provenices only have Senior, or as they call it, Kindergaen..

    Anyways her teacher, brought her all over the school, too show off her work!!! The princeble, vice, grade one teacher and other kinder teacher!!! She is the first student in her grade level to write a whole sentence.. Boy I'm proud!! I sucked in school, she really is quite smart for her age, always asking questions, wanting to know more..

    I did horrible in school, have every report card.. "My mom kept them all in order, with our class pics, profile pic.. Very nice organzatiion.." The only good thing you can say about my school carrer.. Is I was consetantly bad.. Every year, always passed, but always struggled through.

    She not strugling!!! Whoo, she's best in class!! Who would'eve thought.. MY daughter!!!! So happy for her!!! Thank God, she does not have my brain!!! So nice to see, she's not gonna struggle..

    Even teacher pulled me aside and said so!!! Thank-God!!! Cause I sure won't be able to help her much once she gets to highschool!!
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    Jan 17, 2011
    [​IMG] Good for her!!!
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    Thank-You Glenmar!!!

    I know it shouldn't consume me.. but it does!! Thank-God she is more book smart then me!!!
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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
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    Wonderful! [​IMG]

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