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Mar 28, 2020
I built this simple incubator 18 days ago and it's been working quite well, I put 12 eggs inside, 4 of them turned out to be infertile, becuase I had got the eggs from a guy I didn't know, 2 of them stopped developing in the second week.

Today is day 18, last night I candled all of the 6 eggs remaining and they all proved alive, I saw movement in them.
I hope nothing goes wrong in the last three days.

I'm gonna list the parts and then I'm gonna send some pictures of my incubator and give a little information about how it's built...
You will need a 12v power supply to power
A 100w light bulb
the fan and the thermostat
A small 12v fan, mine was 4cm
A w1209 thermostat
A hydrometer
An small water pan
A plastic box
Something to seperate the area between the light bulb and the eggs. You can use a plastic sheet, a dark one that does not allow much light to pass through.
And something to put the eggs on.
Now I think I've mistaken the fan direction, it's blowing down on the eggs, but since its an small fan the eggs should be fine (they are!)
As for vent holes I used 8 5mm holes in the two sides of the incubator, two close to the top and two close to the bottom on each side
I'm also posting an image from the eggs on day 6.
If I had high quality eggs I think I could've accomplished about 90 percent of hatching rate from this very simple incubator.
Now let's just wait and see what happens in the next three days...


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Mar 28, 2020
Very cool. I like your style. It's only ghetto until it works, then its gangsta :cool:
Thank you
I candled the eggs again today and they were alive, now what I'm gonna do is leave the box since egg turning doesn't need to be done, and open the box once a day for less than 5 minutes to simulate the way an actual hen does the job.

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