My doggie is sick :-(

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    We went to the vet last week for my dog, Jabber. he is about 8 years old. Vet found that my dogs eyes didnt measure right, but he didnt seem too worried about that. he said we should get a blood test though, because lately he hasnt been running around like he used to, and even has trouble jumping up on the couch to lay down. When he was weighed, he had gone from 18lbs 2 years ago to 29 lbs now. this worried the vet more. we got the blood test, but we were hoping Jabber just was getting old, sore, and fat. Well, nobody was home today, but the vet called and left a message. he said my dogs thyroid gland numbers are at the bottom of the lowest chart. He didnt give very much more info. We tried to call him when we got home today, but couldnt get a hold of him. we will try to call him back tomorrow.

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    Poor pup, thyroid is pretty common in older dogs, hopefully he will be ok with some pills!
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    Don't worry too much because thyroid is easy to treat. [​IMG] He gets an inexpensive pill twice a day in his food. That's all. Make sure the vet prescribes soloxine, since that is the best thyroid supplement for dogs.
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    We got some Thyroid medication today. twice a day medicine. I hope he starts to feel better soon!
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    Awww, I hope Jabber is back feeling better ASAP! Hopefully that thyroid medication will do the trick for him. He has such a sweet face. Good luck with him! [​IMG]
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    Thank-you Guys!

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