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10 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Isle of Wight
Doogie my call duck is in the vet with a temperature. She is having an x-ray taken. The vet thinks there may be some shell stuck inside her and has pericarditis. If there is and he can't get it out he said it might be best to put her to sleep. Can anyone please give me any advice? This morning she was sluggish for a little bit, then perked up and had a bit of a romp and a dig. Yesterday she was happy all day except for a couple of sluggish hours in the afternoon. My heart says if he wants to put her to sleep, to bring her home while she still has happy times. Please please could you give me any advice and all the prayers you can spare.

Here is how beautiful my little Doog is

It's possible that the Vet could save Doogie's life, but you have to know that it will probably be an expensive treatment with no guarantees that it will work. Even if it does, it seems that these birds that do have egg problems once are very likely to have problems again. So, even if you get Doogie out of the woods this time, she's at an increased risk of going through this with the next egg...or the one after...or the one after that...

If Doogie has a raging infection, believe me, there are no "happy times" if you take her home. Her condition will continue to go downhill and you'll feel dreadful that there isn't anything you can do to help or comfort her. My advice is to trust your Vet. If he/she thinks it is in Doogie's best interests to humanely put her down, then I think you would be doing the kindest thing for your pet by doing that sooner rather than later. It's a very sad thing and I know you are hurting
Thank you for your kind words and support. The doctor got the xray results. There are two pieces of shell stuck inside her. He has given her oxytocin and antibiotics and us some baytril to give her twice a day. He wants to see her again for another antibiotic shot on Friday. Doog is home and has been running up and down the garden, digging up the flowerbeds and eating peas. She is now sitting in a paddling pool ful of nice warm water. We are going to do everything we can to help her push that shell out and see what he says on Friday. I appreciate your hugs, I am hurting so bad! Doog's treatment has so far cos 75 pounds lol! She is worth it, she's worth everything I got lol!
I will do! Thank you for being there guys. Little Doog is my little angel.
She has been doing so well since getting back. She is very lively and has eaten everything in sight. The other two were exhausted come bedtime and fell straight asleep while Doog ate all their bedtime peas! I'm hoping her liveliness and her good appetite are good signs. When she feels bad her little face looks all pinched but she hasn't been like that since getting back. I will monitor her closely tomorrow for any signs of feeling ick.
Wish us luck getting her medicine down her...I have a feeling we are going to need it lol!
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