My drake is loosing mobility!! Please help


9 Years
May 29, 2010
I posted a few days agcannot walko about my drake and she walks on his hocks. Well over the past two weeks she is moving his legs but not going anywhere! Its like they are spreading apart more. She did have a few sores from walking so I tried a few suggestions using towels and separating him in a bin but still outside in a closed in pen with the others. I tried bringing her in but she stresses out and keeps calling for the others.

I even applied antibiotic to she sores and wrapped them in self gripping bandage. She was able to move along with the bandages on but that only lasted until the stall mats got wet. If I remove the stall mats then she will just be stuck in mud.....this is so frustrating! Otherwise she is healthy! Today I was thinking of separating her with a small garden fence still in the pen with the others and rewrap her legs,see if the area stays dry and maybe she can move around that way? She fights and calls out if placed in the bin,even outside.

I still have her swim 2 times per day and now i am having to keep her food and water near her.

If anyone has anymore ideas that would be great. I am just not sure if this is a good idea keeping her like this,not being able to move at all now..!
First thing I would do is scramble up some eggs, mix a bit of milk in with them and crush one or two brewer's yeast tablets on top of it then feed it to the duck. I'm not quite sure I understand what you're trying to tell us about his/her legs but giving this meal surely can't hurt.
I have a Jumbo Pekin Hen who gets real lethargic and will swim but not walk (this has happened to her twice, both times in winter), I gave her that meal and within an hour she perked right up and got back to her normal self. Now all of my ducks get that meal once a week. My ducks all free range and get two feedings a day of duck feed and fresh greens (peas, turnip greens and spinache).

Can you post photos of your duck, or give a bit more history? I can't tell if what you're describing is a nutritional problem or purely physical.


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