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    We ended up putting a thick rubber mat in the coop bottom to block the cold in the winter. They seem to love the area. We have also ramped the entrance into the coop although they didn't seem to have any problems with it. (The chickens are above with the same set up. The duck nesting box extends out the other side into the chicken run. Each coop is 4x4x8. Each run is 10x20. We are going to try and let them out in the yard during the day when we are home. We also ran drainage under the coop for the pond with a sink trap in the bottom. When we drain the pond (about every 2 weeks) we catch the water in a large rain barrel and use it on the flower gardens.
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    That is lovely, looks like a little home. May i ask why you covered the plastic form liner though? i'll be curious to know how long your sod lasts. I have my calls pen sorta landscaped, but wouldn't mind sodding it next spring, my big ducks all free range.
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    What a beautiful setup, gosh I'd move in there. [​IMG] Ya'll did a wonderful job.
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    We covered the plastic pond as we seemed to have a slow leak that we couldn't seal and was losing water throughout the week. We put a pond liner in and used an ABS pipe cut in half to secure the edges. Next spring we will take the whole pond out to try to improve the seal. We used a kitchen drain as someone else suggested on this site but I guess we didn't get the seal tight enough. The liner works for the fall, the duckies were getting fed up of swimming in a kiddie pool, and we will try again next year.
    Funny, our sod is still very good, a bit gooey around the edges of the pond. The chicken area, which we also sodded, hasn't faired as well and is mostly brown and eaten down. I figure if I have to sod that small area every spring to give them some tasty bugs it is worth it. Both areas cost less than $30. The ducks love the sod and lay out on the grass after their swims. There is about 8 feet at the end of the run (over the end of the pond) that is hardware cloth instead of steel roofing. They sun themselves there. We also have a elevated flower pot (which they use as a watering bowl) and we change that water twice a day. We dump the water and they have a mud bath. They love that area!! I throw scratch in there and they play there for hours.
    I am afraid of free ranging as there are so many coyotes here, even during the day we can hear them sometimes. I want to plant bullrushes around the edge of the pond next year. Think we will extend the end to an open fenced in area for daytime next year to. The current run is totally enclosed and we have come home at 10:00pm without worrying something can get in. They are usually swimming and have to be gathered up.

    Thanks Miss Lydia, I think they are happy. Wish Albert would quit trying to run me out of the area though. He has gotten so protective of his lady since she has started laying. If I turn my back he comes running and when I turn around to pet him he hides behind her. LOL the odd time he pecks at my boots but all in all he is a big scaredy cat. LOL

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