My duck eggs! Help pleas!

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    Mar 6, 2016
    I have had bad luck with duck eggs. This is my 2ND and maybe last try. All 8 died in lock down last try. Now i have 5 more all candled at day 20 and actively moving & veins throbbing. On day 25 the duck eggs look internally pipped, tapping but no cheeping. Their beaks look like they pipped into air sac four days ago, one day before lockdown. I had to intervene qickly and check one. Its 2 days past hatch day and no external pipping. Now the beaks are still poking up, but I made a tiny hole in egg above the air sack, this worked GREAT IN GOOSE HATCH, but looks like they haven't poked into air cell at all. I'm nervous they are going to suffocate like the last the previous clutch. What do I do?? Ironically my African Geese hatched beautifully... three days early, externally peeping & cheeping like crazy in a dry hatch incubator AND still in the egg turner they were scheduled for lock down two days after they were born! They are now a week old , beauties & tons of fun!! I'm starting to believe, maybe I wasn't supposed to have ducks. The temp is 99.5- 100 & humidity it 65%?? What do I do now?? Been hatching chick's forever & decided to try ducks & a couple of Geese. Everyone said Geese were difficult to artificially hatch, but it's the ducks that we've been grieving.
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