my duck hatched her eggs, what now???


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May 20, 2014
So after playing the waiting game, My duck eggs have started to hatch. She is a Rouen and has a clutch of 19, 3 hatched late this evening, hopefully she will have more in the morning. I seperated the male form the female as he got a little rambunctious(sp), by that I mean wanting to breed again. My question is, do I need to take them out after they are all hatched and put them in a brooder or will the mommy take care of them? what do I need to feed them, and when?, Ive done a little research but it all gets confusing.

Ive read that I need to leave them with the mommy for 2-3 days them move them. I seperated the daddy cause I read he will kill them. and the feed thing , well, to much conflicting info. Need some advice. Thanks.

Also how long should I wait to take the remaining eggs that dont hatch out of the nest? Obviously I will leave them for a day or so as to not disrupt everyone, but wondered if there is a time frame. Im assuming all wont hatch. she hasnt kicked any out of the nest so far. This is her first clutch, so Im not sure how she is gonna be as a mother.

she came off the nest for a while and went and played in the mud holes outside her enclosure, while I changed out the water in her pool and made the seperate pen for the male, first time she has been out since she started setting. she was having a blast.
IMO as long as she is taking care of them then there's no need to remove the ducklings. But have a backup plan just incase. Def keep the males separated, I used a short fence with mine so everyone could still interact. I put out Purina flock raiser feed for mine (used for all ages) and a chick waterer for the babies right away. As for the rest of the nest I would leave that up to her, let her sit until she decides she's done. I put out a shallow pool (once she was rested and back to her daily routine) so she could still bath but nothing the babies could drown in. Had a baby friendly ramp also. I still left out a tub for the momma with deep water to do her head washing in, nothing that the babies could get into tho. She should be fine taking care of them but just make sure everything in baby proof.
Again this is just what I did. My Rouen hatched out 3 her first time and was a wonderful momma!
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Ok Thanks. she has hatched 8 so far with 2 more I can see have pipped. I put a small bowl of water in there and some of the babies have already had a drink. I think she will be a great mom.

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