My ducks are confusing me!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by CasualT, Jun 27, 2012.

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    May 9, 2012
    I ordered 10 ducks from Holderreads, they sent 12, 7 what I believe to be Saxonys and then 3 black ducks and 2 black bibbed ducks. I lost one saxony upon arrival and then 2 more to a sneaky bantam rooster that got into the brooder in the barn. The rest are all thriving except the 3 I would have sworn were runners aren't, they no longer "walk tall" and one of the bibbed ducks is suddenly missing its bib! 4 weeks old and I am more confused now than when I got them! I figured ok, 3 black runners and 2 bibbed Dutch hookbills, cool. Now I'm looking at them and asking them, what are you? Like they are really going to answer me lol. The supposed runners are the same size as the bibbed one and the ones I believe to be Saxonys are huge! They're about double the size of the black ones. Based on what is listed I can only think that the black ones must be cayugas and the bibbed, I have no idea. And where did the other ones bib go? Lol just thought I'd share my frustration :lol:
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    Post pictures please so others can take a guess.
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    I think you might be right about the Cayugas. The other black ones may be Cayugas too - they can start out as ducklings with a bit of a pale yellow bib that disappears as they get older (which seems to have already happened with one of them). Are the yellow feathers in the bib solid yellow all the way to the skin, or not completely solid yellow? If they are not completely solid yellow then they may disappear and you will be left with completely black birds.

    As CelticOaks says, pics would be great :)

    I hope you are enjoying your ducklings, despite the rooster mishap and a few identity issues! :)

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