My ducks are getting food somewhere else. Anything I can do?

Debby Duck

Jul 5, 2020
South Florida
Hi there, my ducks free range out on our lake during the day and come in at night.
For several weeks they haven't had any interest in come home at all during the day for food, even in the morning or at night. Once in a while I can call them home for salad. I've done worried about how they're getting enough food. And today I learned someone way down the lake is feeding them. I found out watching with binoculars.
Can I do anything like keep them in for a few days so they forget about the other food supply? Or will that not work?
If they were human teenagers I could ground them. They are 6 months old so I hope part of this is a hormonal stage that will pass. I never see my ducks during the day!🙁
If your neighbors are feeding the ducks, just go talk to them and invite them over to see how to feed them properly at your place. Obviously they are causing a dangerous situation where the ducks are not in at night. But they dont know that. Last year i had the neighbor kid spraying poop off the lawn and picking dandelions to feed the ducks. Everyone was happy.
I agree with the other members, trying to talk with the people first would be IMO a good first step to see if they will stop feeding your Ducks? My guess is maybe the people don't know that they belong to anyone and feel they are helping them by feeding them?

We have neighborhood people come over from time to time with their children to see our animals, which we are fine with. Sometimes they will bring stuff over with them and want to feed the animals and I kindly explain that they all have special diets to keep them healthy so they can't just eat anything. So far that has been working and the parents do understand. I will go in and grab some treats and let their children feed the animals, that has been working out over anyone messing with the animals when we are gone.

If we are not home they will leave boxes of good fruits and vegetables outside our locked gate on a table for the animals, so it's been a win, win for everyone. :) No to mention they are all made aware of the Hot Electric wires that run around on the outside fencing to also keep the animals safe. :gig

Maybe you could encourage the people to get some ducks of their own ? Best of luck and hope it all works out for you, Please keep us all posted. :)
Well, right after I posted this, I was so anxious and concerned about what they might be eating and filling up on I started trying to locate a number and name for the lady. Another woman right behind me across the lake used to feed the muscovy ducklings rice. Mine were younger then and didn't go very far into the water.

One thing I forgot to mention though, those muscovy ducklings are big now too, and she's been feeding them as well! Boy are they eating well! Them and the Mottled ducks!

Anyway, it was going to be hard for me to ask her not to feed them. Since she's feeding them all and of course mine have decided to join in on the meal.
I called her and we talked. She was very nice, but given the circumstances I felt like the most I could do is make sure she's not giving them junk. She did her homework and she only gives them good food. It was funny, I explained that the ducks are my ducks, and she referred to the muscovies as her ducks!😂

But at least she's feeding some sort of feed. It has corn in it, and I guess they must like it better than my food. But I can't imagine they get a lot though. All the ducks hang out there now so she has a lot of mouths to feed and from what I could see using my handy binoculars 😉 she's only coming out with a few cups or so of food. I know they always have their heads in the water eating other stuff too. They must really like it. Maybe that fills them up too. But I was under the impression they would always depend on me for food since I raised them.🤷🏼‍♀️

I think mine ended up down there because they've started following some of the other ducks. Mine are drakes, 4 of them. Maybe they're following girls. Who knows. I know they'll never catch them! Plus they like sleeping at the waters edge over there because the trees shade them from the sun.

Right now they do come home every night. They head home at dusk and hang at the edge of the lake until dark and the lights come on. Then they make their way in. We don't have to call them anymore, so that's good. Because they've stopped coming to my call unless they're in the mood and want treats. Not sure what to do about that. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed they keep coming home on their own.

I asked her to call me if she ever sees something I should know about. And if they ever do stay around after dark to shoo them home. Explaining that they can't fly and are very vulnerable.

All in all, it's good to have another set of eyes on them now that they go so far. And to have another duck lover too. A lot of people have taken to watching and enjoying them on the lake now that they travel farther. They're the only white ducks out there so they're pretty popular. With their little wigs!

Thank you all for your input.
Why not get as many ducks as you can and see how she likes that? :gig I bet she would be more then happy to give yours back ! :yesss:
Yeah! And show my ducks their not the only guys on the pond!
It is really bothering me more and more that my ducks stay at that end of the lake, won't come when called anymore, and I can't see them. They come home at night, and occasionally come by for a treat, eat it and swim away. That's it! It's as if I have no ducks at all during the day.:barnie

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