My ducks are hatching early Updated

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    Apr 9, 2008
    O K my hatch date was on the 6 of May but I whet to add moist cloths under my hens and what do I see pips in almost all my eggs.

    This is yesterday day 25 have 3 out and going good.
    Today day 26 1 is half in egg yoke not gone but still breathing 1 more out and 6 that have pipped and bills out and breathing but none have zipped yet and 2 have pipped in but not out I can hear them.

    So I have ducks from hens but wont do it again Lost 3 so far 2 pipped but got stuck and 1 that zipped but died not sure if hen stepped on it or not..

    Ps moved them in the house and jumped the humidity up they are now in home made bator from last year.
    Please send good vibes will post pics soon.

    AS of 8:30 tonight I have 6 healthy ducklings and 3 that are drying off as I type so that will be a total of 9 that are alive and kicking.
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