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Sep 28, 2020
I would suggest treats every time you go by them so they associate you with good things. It also helps to spend time with them. Sit by them and read a book or play on your phone, they will relax in time.
Thanks where can I buy treats all I have is Chick food the breeder gave to me


Jul 5, 2020
Thanks where can I buy treats all I have is Chick food the breeder gave to me
how old are they? If they're under 4 weeks you should probably hold off on the treat overload, they're growing a LOT in their first 4 weeks and really need their diet to consist of proper duck food instead of filling up on treats. You can do a LITTLE bit of treats under 4 weeks, but you need to mash whatever it is up for them - bananas or scrambled eggs, mashed potato, plain yogurt.

Once they're older they can have most fruits and veggies, start by cutting them up small (like quartering a grape) until theyve reached their full adult size.

Treats should still be only about 10% of their diet - they're TREATS afterall.

When you give them treats make sure they have access to the appropriate sized grit.

As for making them like you - understand that ducks are prey animals, with a very strong instinct to fear basically everything bigger faster or louder than them. Even ducks that *know* you for years can be easily startled by you if you act like a predator (which is to say if you act completely normal)

Try not to move quickly or stomp around, try not to loom over them. If you want to get down on their level try to squat straight down instead of bending overtop them. Get on the ground with them as low as you can and just be with them for a while every day. If you need to catch them, very slowly and calmly back them into a corner where you can crouch down and pick them up, dont chase them from overhead. When you do reach out to them, try to keep your hands and arms low and come at them from below instead of overtop.

And know that ducks go through a moody teenager phase where they just dont wanna be bothered. They'll come back around with time and patience.

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