My ducks look wet?

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    Jan 16, 2014
    I know that sounds weird but I have 5 ducks all together and the parents lol well idk what breed they were but they passed away the 5 I have now are the offspring of the parents but I forget the breeds. I know the 2 females 1was Peking and the othe was a black and white magpie. Anyways I have 2 ducks now that constantly look wet and dirty it's the middle of winter so I don't have the pool out for them and I, sure that's why they look dirty but they're wet I have a light in their coop on al,owt 24/7 and I lock them in at night so you think they would like dry but no. The other 3 look clean and dry but the gray ones are gross looking lol I love them to death but it's gross sometimes and I feel bad please help?
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    No expert, but I got a large Rubbermaid tote, and on the warmer (above freezing) days I fill it with warm water. I then bring the ducks over one at a time and allow them a few minutes of bathing time. I then will pat them dry with a towel before putting them back in the coop. Mine are also looking pretty grungy lately because it has been too cold to do that.

    I suppose you could also put them in the bathtub and wait to put them back outside until they are dry. That is what I did when they were ducklings before they went out to the outdoor run.
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    If they are white, they kinda do look gross in the winter. Like Nickeechickee said, if it is above freezing give them some pool water, that's what I do with my white Calls. What do you mean by "wet"? Like, they feel wet, or they just look wet.....? Post a picture maybe?
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    There is something called wet feather, caused by mites. So it would be good to get them into a lukewarm - even coolish - tub, let them clean off and look closely for any mites - the ones mentioned in Storey's Guide To Raising Ducks are tan.

    If it has been a while since they molted, the feathers may just be in sad shape.

    I have found diet can make a difference in feather condition, and I add a little ground flax seed to their ration, and have started feeding them sprouted wheat seeds, too.

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