My easter egger!


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9 Years
Jan 21, 2011
Just had to share my excitement about my little EE. She was 2 days old when I got her and was all white, with muffs and yellow legs. Now at two weeks she has white, peach and grey coloring on her little wings. Also something interesting, her yellow legs have turned slate blue. I am very excited about this little hen (hopefully a hen
) and I think she will be very pretty as she continues to get bigger.
Ditto with Mahonri.

Sounds like you've got a Red Pyle type colored EE. Not very common these days, honestly.
(the color isn't actually red pyle, but similar)
This is a picture when she was about 6 days old she has changed a lot since then (note the yellow legs, not slate) but you can still see the coloring. I will post more recent photos tomorrow.
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Very cute!
Looks like she may grow up to be a blue. I love my EEs the best of all the chickens I've had. I'm gonna order 25 of them next time around!
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