My EE has lost her muffs, what could be wrong ??


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11 Years
Jan 8, 2009
Forsyth, GA
I have checked all of my hens and rooster. They are fine but one of my hens has lost her muffs today. They were there yesterday. It doesn't look irritated. I separated her from the flock. If anyone could give me some advise, I would greatly appreciate it..
I've had EE's for 3 years (2 different groups) and they all have had their muffs pulled out by the other chickens. I have a rooster this time and even his is gone. There is no bloody pecking or anything, but with both groups they lost them during the winter when they had to spend too much time inside. I have seen others in the act. Hope you find a good solution!
I was about to say the same as Speckled Hen, actually, that they do molt their adorable facial hair as well. Maybe that's it? I hat to think of anyone pulling it out. Ouch!
I have five EE's and one is missing has had her beard and muffs pulled out as well. I'm almost positive it's not molting. I don't know why they just targeted her though.

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