My egg turner is broke!


8 Years
May 19, 2011
I just noticed that every time I check the temp in my incubator, the egg turner seemed to be in the same direction. I put an arrow on the direction it was facing and it hasnt moved at all. I just put my eggs in late tuesday evening. Is it too late to hand turn them all. They have been in there for 3 days with out any turning! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I have never manually turned eggs before. How many times should i turn? I have heard 3 and then I have heard 5. Do you get up during the night and turn them? I sure hope not. I just got my 18 month old to sleep all the way through the night and was looking forward to some good sleep.
I manually turned mine. Turn them 3 times a day. You don't really need a specific schedule, and its okay if you miss once or twice... In fact, I had 5 fertile eggs in an incubator, and the only one that hatched was the one I never turned. I'm not suggesting this because my little roo was just lucky, they can get stuck to the egg shell and have terrible deformations...but it's okay if you forget once or twice, although three times is standard...
And, I would turn them when I woke up, after lunch, and right before bed. There's not specific time. The main thing is that you do it often enough so that it doesn't get stuck, but you still don't handle the eggs to much.
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Greetings, Missing a couple days is no problem. Lift you egg turner and put something under one side, a couple hours later put it[ the cup] under the other side. Do this at least 3 times a day, and you have turned the eggs. Turn them an odd number of times so the growing chick will be on a different side each night. Good luck with your hatch.

If your egg turner has your eggs pitch greatly to one side. put the eggs in egg cartons.
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I was going to leave the egg turner in there and then just manually move the rod that turns the eggs to the other direction. I think that would be faster and with less chance of accidental breakage...I have to excited helpers, one is 18 months and is obsessed with eggs and the other is 4. Do you think that would be alright? The eggs are just a practice run before i order serama eggs. The 4th grade here used it to hatch out eggs and I dont think any we know why!!
My husband actually banged on it last night and tried to see what was wrong with it and this morning it is a different direction. So hopefully it is working now!

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