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    Fellow Flockers,

    The moment I has been waiting for has arrived!! [​IMG][​IMG] I got home from the gym (legs day today lolz[​IMG]!!!) and low and behold, Honey and Coco had laid an egg. However, as I approached Coco, she got very aggressive and started chasing me around the yard. My glutes were so sore, I barely got away from her. Once I had her contained, i carefully examined the egg. It was blue!!! Honey looks like a basic chicken. I have seen on the internet that "American" chickens lay blue eggs. Do y'all think Honey is an American? I sure hope so.... Maybe she will lay a red, white and blue one next lol!!![​IMG]. I have attached a picture of Coco below. I can never get Honey to cooperate for pictures. See what i did there? COOP-er-ate??? hahaha. [​IMG]. Anyways, I am soo excited. Do you guys refrigerate your eggs or no? Thanks for your insight!!! -Derek "A lone rooster in the hen house" Stolp....

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    Cool picture and congrats on your first egg! There's nothing like that first one. I would guess that Honey is either an Ameraucana or an Easter Egger, hard to tell with no pic.

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