My expriece with Bumble Foot.

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    Jan 15, 2014
    I have been having issues with Bumble Foot. It started about September. We did surgery on my 2 worst hens it was kind of an ore dill. For about 2 weeks after we had soak there feet and changed the bandages. And all hens with beginning stages just the leathery scab no bumble yet we soaked in a solution of warm water, Epsom salt and beta dine for about 2 weeks, thankfully this seems to have cured them. We went thru there pen with a fine tooth comb to get ride of anything sharp or ruff and lowering there roost seems to have helped allot too. I also spray there coop and laying boxes out with apple cider vinegar. I also changed out there shavings in there laying boxes, since then I haven't had any new cases. But 2 of my red star hens still had bumbles 1 of them Laverne, We had already done the surgery on. I was worried about and had been praying about it. One day on Patty I kind of push the bumble on the top of the foot I thought well I guess We'll have to do surgery on her too. Then about a week later something made me pick her up and press on it again, the scab started to move up so I got some gloves on and pressed some more the hole kernel came right out ! [​IMG]I sprayed it with apple cider vinegar and then with some wound protector. For the next few days I kept on eye on her and sprayed once daily with apple cider vinegar. I started to think well maybe this will work for Laverne too. I kept praying that it would. I kind of pushed on it a couple of different times and then about a week later I pushed on it and when I puled the scab of it came out completely too![​IMG] Isn't God good!![​IMG]
    I am just so thankful that We didn't have to do surgery again. It's seems kind of like a pimple it had to come to a head that's been my experience anyway. I hope this will help and encourages others because I sure was worried when the bumble foot first started.

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