my fat hen...


12 Years
May 23, 2011
Apollo, PA
so when i first started with quail i bought 5 birds, 1m 4 females, thru the time 4 of them died, 2 from snakes and um, i relaly can't remember how the other 2 died lol. Anyway, i got one of my original birds left and jebuss, she is big. Here is a photo i took today, my hand isn't to fat but i have long fingers, so you can judge yourself how big she is

i don't have a scale she would fit on or else i would weigh her.


she doesn't even fit in my hands, approx age is 8-10 months.
Really nice bird. Shes a big one....

This one will be 21 weeks tomorrow. She's not quite 16 oz, but close. 444 grams = 15.68 oz... She dont believe the scales are right....


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