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Mar 25, 2013
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Hey ya'll my name is Braiden and I have five ducks. 1 M Duclair, 1 F Rouen, 1 F Blue Swedish, 1 F Blue khaki campbell and 1 F Fawn and White Runner. This summer I'm going to try to get some ducklings out of them. I hope you like my photos.

My female Blue Swedish

Male Duclair

My male Duclair

My Fawn and White Runner

I already have one egg on count!

This is my Blue Khaki Cambell duck (top and bottom) and she is very special to me and she also has a story. Well, I guess I could tell you it. For our FFA field trip we went to the state fair, well, it happened to be September 9th( my birthday) so I was feeling lucky. So, I saw this duck for sale so I had to buy her and so I did. Without even thinking how I could even have permission to get them on the school bus. My FFA advisor let me bring her in in a box because his wife was the bus driver and he is some how related to me. So, I got home and then i had to dil with my parents but it was my birthday so they couldn't get mad at me. The End

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. Love the pics!

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