My favorite hen is sick... need advice

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    Apr 18, 2011
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    My favorite hen is a red/colored dorking - born mid July of last year. She has the nice short legs of a dorking and very plump body. Last week I thought she was looking extra plump and extra waddly but didn't take much notice, I assumed she was just filling out nicely. Shes a friendly hen but never lets you get close enough to pet or grab her.

    This morning while Im at work my husband called and said my fav hen was acting funny and walking really slow around the yard. When he let her out for the day she went under the porch like usual but came out real slow and was sorta just standing there dazed and he let my husband pick her up - which is very strange.

    We were gone for 3 days, there were 2 hens in the coop she was in and only 2 eggs laid. There should have been more, so Im concerned she is egg bound. He has her inside in a cage now sitting over some steaming water and theres a humidifier in with her and the cage is wrapped up to keep some hot moisture in to help with the possible egg problems. He said shes going to the bathroom, kinda runny white is what he described it, and shes eating the yogurt he put for her and drinking the water.

    Any thoughts on what her deal is? I realllllly want this hen. Shes one of the only good looking dorking females I have and I really need her.
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    Mar 11, 2011
    I hope your hen feels better soon [​IMG]

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