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Sep 4, 2011
I began keeping chickens because I can no longer work due to heart issues and wanted a way to help the family and keep busy since my son was preparing to enter kindergarten. I started with two delaware hens and then purchased five more chickens. Next thing I knew, I was buying 16 more chickens.
I was then given two Ameracauna's by my husbands grandmother and this gave me a total of 25 birds. Well, my sons dog took out chickens two different times. (She has since moved) I had 16 until yesterday (9/9/11), now we are back up to 17 because I was given a bantam rooster....he wouldn't leave the owner's little brother alone. He is currently outside crowing his lil heart out and chasing my hens around....I think I would like to get a couple of bantam hens but I will wait a few weeks.
So, our 'farm' family has grown by two, it was three but the female mallard we got with the drake flew off and I can't find her. I feel horrible about it but I can't change it but I am hoping a neighbor sees her so I can attempt to catch her.
I would have fifty chickens if I could feed and house them all!!!!! You could say that I am addicted

Our feathered family consists of two RSL, two cinnamon queens, one barred rock, one delaware, one bantam, one ameracauna, nine BSL, and one mallard drake. Add in the six cats, one dog, five fish, three cockatiels, one rat, and the four humans and our hillside is starting to fill up
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Jun 4, 2011

And welcome to the wonderful world of Chickens! I started with 6 in March (for eggs only, silly me) Today I have 21 chickens/ chicks, 3 roos, and 4 ducks and my hatchery catalog (wishbook!) is the last thing I look at every night.

Addicting....ya think?

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