My First baby chick!!


In the Brooder
6 Years
Aug 19, 2013
My good hen Elizabeth got broody, I thought this would last 21 days and she would get over it, so I left her to it ( wrong )
After about 6 weeks she was still nesting on an emty nest so I got a batch of fertilised eggs.
She cracked 1 and eat one! Another one broke the other day!! With a massive stench of rotten egg so I thought that was it and they were all dud!
To my absolute shock and supprise I went into shed today and there was Elizabeth with her baby chick !!
Made my day !!! :)
Made your day, but made Elizabeth's day even more.
Congratulations to you and Elizabeth on her new chick! Bet that will be one spoiled little baby. And Welcome to BYC!

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