My First Broody Hen

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  1. i've read about the phenomenon. i've seen pictures others have posted. But i have now seen (and heard) in person a true broody hen.

    Little Dusty has only been laying eggs for the past 20 days, but has become more and more attached to them, spending hours in the nest box each day. Today she was wedged in there and would not budge. When i went to touch her she puffed up as big as she could and screamed like a possessed banshee.

    This is scary!

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    May 30, 2007
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    Yea, my girl Caroline has suddenly started acting 'possessed' and running around (rarely...usually in the nest box) puffed up and just flat out p*ssed off at the world. Normally I can pet her and everything, but when I go to the box to see her she screams & hisses & I calm her 7 pet her anyhow b/c I want her to be 'submissive' but I can only assume now that is what she is doing.
    But it is good to know she does get up to eat on occassion. I slid 2 pekin duck eggs under her...we'll see what she does. I *think* she only has like 3 chicken eggs under there & I am not certain what day she is on b/c at first I had NO idea what her issue was.

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