My first broody... question about after the hatch

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Country Gal, Jan 16, 2009.

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    Hi all!

    Well, I think it has finally happened. I have my first broody that MIGHT actually stay on her eggs long enough for them to hatch!

    In the past, I've done my hatching with the incubator and kept the babies separate from the adults until they were about 18-20 weeks old.

    Here's my question... if my broody hatches some chicks, do I need to separate them from the rest of the flock, or will momma protect them? And if I need to separate them, do I keep the momma with them?

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    Momma's are pretty good pretectors of their young. Some ppl will and do keep their flock all together allowing momma to do all the work.

    I have had two broodies, both i seperated. One kept her babies till about 5 weeks and the other kept her babies about 3 days before she said no more. She had started to peck them when they came near and even drew blood on one so she went back to the big coop and the babies stayed in the brooder.

    It really all depends on you and your birds about which way you want to do it.
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    I fix up a place on the floor in a corner of the coop for her to sit on the eggs. When it's about time for the eggs to hatch I cordon off the corner with chicken wire or a portable dog fence I have. I make sure the shavings are clean and that there is chick starter and water (very shallow so no one drowns) and let the mom take care of them there for a few days. After that, I take the fencing away and let her do the mothering. I haven't had a broody that rejected her babies at 3 days but you better keep an eye on her just in case. It's so much easier to let the mother hen do all the work BUT you won't have the tame little chicks you do when you raise them yourself in the house. Your call. Good luck!!!!
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    Most of the broody hens I used to have were good mothers.. but then they were cochins. She will probably do a fine job if you have enough room in your coop for everyone to have adequate space. However, I agree that you will have to work extra hard to socialize them and make friends. It will help if your broody hen is very friendly.

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