My first chick question :)


6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
Galloway, NJ
Newbie to chicks. My hens outside came to me as teens. I have 9, different breeds. All eating and drinking. Is is ok to have a quiet one? My RIR seems really mellow. Is this the pecking order I am seeing. My EE is such a bossy chick. There's no damage being done to each other. The RIR seems to just want to left alone now and then. Hoping she is not ill. Thanks
Great..she must be I see she is doing that gaping, like something stuck in her throat. I know nothing about nursing a chick.
No. Just went to check and she was snuggled with the others. Do they do that gasping look when little. Moving food around. They are 3 weeks old and on medicated chick starter. I knew I would have the worries with little ones...I do hope she is ok. Is the only one I named out of 9.
That may just be her personality. If she is eating and drinking and looks healthy, I'm sure she is fine. I would watch over her closely for a few days, just as a precaution.
Thank you for answering :) She is the only one I named so maybe I over analyze. Surprised she is mellow, I thought RIR are tough cookies. I have her with EE(2), Cuckoo Maran, Jersey Giant, SLW, BO(2) and a BLW who is 2 weeks younger than them. An EE has claimed top hen spot. With all the worry I am totally enjoying the chick experience :)

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