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    Nov 19, 2008
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    My first chickens were 2 rhode island red hens I got from a feed store when I was 6, they free ranged around the city and people used to love them and feed them every day in the morning. Then I got a rooster and duck the duck and rooster never got along, the rooster(RIR) almost pecked the ducks eye out we put saline in its eye and it finally was better. The duck used to get lost and we called animal control and they had it, then it happened a few more times where it got to the point they just brought the duck back. The rooster got really mean and would attack me and protect it's hens. I kept it until we had 1 brood of chicks. Then we got rid of that rooster. 1 of my hens went missing for 6 months and I found it after looking a million times in a shed sitting on 18 eggs and I grabbed the chicken and eggs exploded it was disgusting it was green even. the 2 hens had there schedule they would bug the neighbors and come on the porch to sleep. they died at 7 years old of what probably was old age. After they died all the neighbors came by asking what happened to them a few days after they were just as sad as I. Anyway I hope it wasn't to long and boring of a story wish I had pics.
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    That wasn't boring. That was an interesting story. I really like that the neighbors came to ask about the hens.

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