My first chicks; any advice?


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Jan 27, 2014
Hey fellow BYC members. Well guess what? I have 4 chicks.

from front to back: Giselle (black sexlink), Anna (new Hampshire red), Lilo, and Nala (both production reds)

These are my girls!!! This picture is from when i toke them out for the first time, as you can tell they are starting to get their feathers and now they have a good bite of them! Love them soo much. I could watch them all day!!
I have read up on raising chicks on both this website and some books, and i was wonder what advance my fellow chicken lover have for me since it's my first time rising chickens. What can i do better?

By the way I'm a big Jurassic park movie fan and do yall remember how in the first movie at the very beginning Alan Grant (Sam Neill) was talking to the fat kid and said that the Velociraptors were like big turkeys. And turkeys are kind of relatives to chickens, well i was watching my chicks the other day and i could see the way that they acted was like the velociraptors for Jurassic Park i thought it was pretty cool to be able to see that resemlence but it was also kind of freaky!!!!

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If you keep them outside 24/7 you should offer plenty of chickstarter. The birds like it. The chickstarter will also help their feathers grow it so they will be healthy. Once they start layying eggs you sould consider layers feed. It has protien to make the eggs better quality. and dont feed layer feed to the babies! just dont.
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