My first duck egg!!!


Constant State of Confusion
13 Years
May 15, 2010
I went out to check on the chickens a few minutes ago and collect eggs. All my chickens lay in the same hole even though I have a 12 hole box
. Well I noticed an egg in one of the bottom holes. I went over and got it and it was a duck egg. It is from my Silver Appleyards that I hatched out last July. I hatched 6 eggs and got 4 drakes and 2 hens. Needless to say, I believe the egg will be fertile lol. I'm storing it so that hopefully I will get more this week and set them. I'm excited
. But I am still trying to figure out how she got her fat butt in the nest hole to begin with
(they are big duckies)
b.hromada :

Congrats to you!
Isn't it soooo egg-citing?

Yes it is. I didn't figure they would start laying this early.​
I know the feeling!! Darkwing AND Fifi-quack are both laying !! after I found Ice-cream - Fish dead the other morning I about cried ... she was the only one laying over the entire Winter! She just died. head tucked under her wing and dead. ???? Such a sweet little Indian Runner - such a little Princess - always getting the treats FIRST thank you! Don't know what happened. heart attack?? She was healthy yesterday fine . I guess I need to take every day as it comes and appreciate every day as it comes. You never know.
Thank you ! I appreciate the sentiment. I should NEVER take to heart the animal I have.. but I do . Cry over every last one . Buggars!!
My husband says , They are only ducks " well, they are sweet, lovable, funny , wonderful ducks and I really feel a loss when they die. I probably should never have had animals.. Never would have made it as a farmer ! I treated my students the same - with love and compassion .. no difference - I've cried over both !!!

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