My first egg and what happens.


6 Years
May 27, 2013
Shelton, Washington
Got my 1st egg on the 3rd about 2 pm and 2nd egg on the 4th about 3 pm.
My hen won't go into her box to lay unless I am sitting with them. Happened 2 days in a row. She starts doing the proud and very loud hen clucking even before she lays and now I have another hen doing it.Another Barred Rock and the same one that gave me my first egg went in the boxes as soon as I sat in my chair in the pen about 3 pm but no egg yet from her. I sat there for awhile with my legs on a milk crate and almost all my chickens jump up and roosted on my legs and then heard a thump so I knew she laid an egg again. Peek inside to see if it was Boss and yep it was. so she laid on the 3rd and the 4th. Just funny how my chickens just sit on my lap and want to be petted. Wonder If she is waiting on me to visit before she lays and egg????

Here is What happened: All of the sudden I hear a hen making a high pitched clucking. I was really scared that something was killing my hens so I ran out to the pen and nothing was going is she loud mind you she is still clucking. So I sat in my chair that I keep in the pen. Just as soon as I sat Boss went in the laying boxes spent about 20 min clawing the box and then got quite and then I heard a thump YAH OUR 1st egg. She did not come out of the boxes so I opened the back and took the egg. She then left the box. She came out calling louder about 5 mins she stopped. She did the same thing today but after she laid she came right out and did not cluck. Guess she was all clucked out from the beginning of letting me know it's time.

What's your story???



6 Years
Apr 4, 2013
My Australorp lays (so far) early in the morning. Apparently she's too lazy to hop off the roosting bar and lay in the nest box because I find them beneath the roosting bar each morning. Chickens are hilarious...such personalities!

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