My First Eggs!!! (and a couple questions too)


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Jun 29, 2010
The Lakes Region, NH
Yesterday I posted that Georgia, my BSL, has been very crabby lately. Now I know why. She laid her first eggs this morning! When I didn't see her with the rest of the flock while I was feeding some BOSS, I took a walk out to the coop. She was standing on a yolk-covered roost, facing the wall. She had yolk on her butt. On the floor laid a marvelous, yet soft-shelled egg. It was fully intact, so I'm worried about the loose yolk. I congratulated her, and ran across the yard in my pajamas to show DH. I returned to the coop, and she looked uneasy. She faced the wall and laid an even tinier soft-shelled egg. Poor girl was backed up! She never sang an egg song, just mumbled a few bok-boks. Although I'm super excited about this, should I be worried about the yolk that came out of her? Should I scramble the eggs and feed them back to the girls?

Let me just say, I'm so egg-cited right now, I can't upload my images fast enough!
Thanks for letting me share my morning!


One of my early layers laid yolks a few times and also had yolk on her butt. I was worried about her. It's been several weeks and no more lone yolks or ill effects. Just keep an eye on her, if she starts to look like a penguin something's up.

Make sure they get some calcium, stat!

And congrats on your first eggs! I would feed them to the girls.
If she's acting normal...eating, drinking etc... I wouldnt worry too much about her. She'll get things squared away on her own. In the meantime, I recommend you clean her rear end free from yolk and anywhere else in the coop or nest. You dont want the others picking at her rear end. Also it might attract flies and other bugs and you dont want that to happen. Also, make sure she has crushed oyster shell available. You could lube her vent with olive oil to help make it easier for her to lay, use a plastic glove. She's a very pretty Black Star and I'm looking forward to getting a few more next spring myself.
Hey egg-sperts! I forgot to ask, is it somewhat normal for a young pullet to lay eggs back-to-back for her first lay like mine did? Do you think it'll be 26 hours before she lays again, or closer to 52? I'd like to try to be with her, so I can coax her into the nest box.

Thanks for your replies!
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