My first eggs - And runny egg whites question


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First off,
Congratulations to my chickens; They started laying!

Here are some pictures of the first egg. It’s the one next to the store bought large egg. The small brown one on the right. Can you see it? (grin)….



Now for the question,
We’ve gotten 3 eggs from one hen so far. They were small, and I assume they’ll get bigger as time goes one. But when cracked open, it seems that there is the yolk, the white, and some water, or clear liquid in the eggs. I’m wondering will this change with time, or what is this water stuff in with my new eggs?

Congrats on your first egg!!! I know when my chicken started laying that they were very heavy looked like yours,one of them have been laying for 2 weeks and the eggs have gotten bigger. I am new at this so i dont know about the whites.Good luck. there is alot of helpfully people on here.
I have the same question, but my chickens have been laying for a while and this is the first time it's happened. A friend who has been getting eggs from us for a while called and said the whites were very watery.
Mine were only watery for the first few days, and then I moved them to a little higher protein diet. So, I don't know if it was more protein, or just the start of laying that caused it.

Try feeding them a few night crawler worms and let me know what happens.

More protein might be the answer. No doubt these feeds we buy have the minimum amount needed, since protein costs more than grains.

I have seen several threads on here about watery whites and yolks that break too easily, and have not yet seen one that actually gave a solution.

BTW, they love worms, and are going to find them, but they do carry intestinal worms that the chickens will get.
Worms carry intestinal worms? Haven't heard that...

I use DE and haven't ever had a problem with them.
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