My first Eggs!!!


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Feb 21, 2009
central Texas
I just got my first eggs ever this morning!!

Some bourbon red turkey eggs from sandspoultry here on BYC.

They were packaged PERFECTLY!

They arrived in 2 days, and my mailman even stopped his truck and HAND delivered them, rather than honking in the drive and handing them out the window ...his normal custom.

They are the prettiest eggs you've ever seen, like someone dyed them carefully the palest pink, and speckled them with tiny reddish-brown specks!!!
Pretty as an Easter egg!

Each was individually wrapped in 42,000 sq inches of bubble wrap, carefully nested inside a box of medium-tight packing peanuts, and covered with more bubble wrap.

And they sent an extra!!!

but my camera died, so no pics ......YET

Just wait till I figure out whats wrong with it
dadgum newfangled electric nonsense (as grandpa always says)

So, here goes the day of rest, and then the work begins!

P.S. Any advice on turkey hatching? I'm a newbie, and read every post I can about it, but I'm an information-aholic and a worry wart.

Thanks for looking


Everybody loves a Turkey
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Feb 10, 2008
Eastern NC
We are glad you are pleased with your eggs! Make sure you let them rest for at least 12 hours (24 is better) before you incubate them. Check your incubator directions, but we use the same settings in our GQF Sportsman as for chicken eggs. Stop turning on day 25, turkey poults running around day 27-28.

And don't forget to chant 3 times everytime you check the eggs. "Everybody loves a turkey"

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