My First hatch of Quails and questions

Discussion in 'Quail' started by QuailGirl, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Just got a few questions for the quail keeps and hatcher

    1. For my first ever hatch is 14 out of 23 good (all the other eggs were infertile and just warm yolks)

    2.Is there anywhere in England you can show quail?

    3. Can they live on chick crumb for the rest of there lives as i have heard they can turn there noes up at layers pellets and if when i ween mine on to layers pellets and they refuse to eat it is there and other seed i can add to add the crumb more nutritionally suited to a fully grown quail?

    To see all my quails hatched please visit my page/wall thing :) x

    [​IMG]Apart from that i'm all questioned out for now :)

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    Yes, you can keep them on starter feed all their lives. Most folks do, as it has the needed high protein that quail need for good growth. I am not sure about showing quail in the UK, but you could probably google it and find out.

    You can add millet, milo or hulled sunflower seeds to the gamebird food to spice it up a bit for the quail, although not enough that it dilutes the starter feed. I offer other goodies to my quail, but usually as a side order and not mixed in with the main course.

    You can also offer them greens, fruits and veggies which they will love.

    Cute baby you have there! Good luck with your new babies!

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