My first hatch. On day 22 only one of my 7 hatched (and he hatched today)

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by augustgen, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Jan 21, 2015
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    I need some advise, please.
    Only 1/7 hatched and there is no activity or movement from the remaining 6 eggs and today is day 22. We had candled (as best we could) on day 17 and it seemed as if all the eggs had developed similarly.
    Some other details. When he hatched he was stuck to part of the egg. It took him 15 minutes of flopping around to get it off. There are some spots of blood in the incubator. He is not bleeding any more. Should I be concerned?
    Also, he has what looks like a prolapsed vent?
    Since it is winter in MA I have not had any luck in finding him a friend to buy to raise together. I can't order day-old chicks because of the minimum quantity required for my area.

    1) can I raise 'him' alone; I know that chickens are flock birds
    2) do I just wait and see about his vent?
    3) is the blood a concern?
    4) how long do I wait for the other 6 eggs?

    Any advise or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!! I was so excited to have the eggs hatch now I just feel sick to my stomach not knowing what to do next.
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    Chicks can hatch on day 23 I had 6 eggs once, one hatched on day 20 and the other 5 on day 23.
    if you do help, go slow. if it bleeds stop, that means there is yolk to digest still. if it has a raw belly button put on flour. and keep them extra warm. I use hand warmers. if you have an only chick...use mirrors, and toys.

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