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May 22, 2009
I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to post their experiences with hatching. I just finished my first hatch and I am sure it would have been a bust if it weren't for all the reading I did.

I borrowed my brother in law's Little Giant Still Air. He had done 2 previous attempts, not too successfully. His first was 8 eggs with 1 hatch. His second, 18 eggs with no hatch. He also has a friend who says he only has a 20% hatch rate with the same incubator.

So I put in 12 eggs. 8 of my own and 4 shipped. 3 did not develop at all, maybe not fertilized? 4 hatched, 1 my husband opened too soon, he was sure no more would hatch, it was moving and it bled alot(live and learn). I left the others and opened them today, they were all formed but dead.

I am sure many people have better hatch rates than this but for my first one and with the experience of my brother in law, I am thrilled.

I did a dry hatch but the humidity was still about 25% here, it has been raining almost every day.

Here are some pics of the new arrivals(1 EExRIR, 1 EExSilkie, 2 Mille Fleur D'Uccle) and thanks again.


Congrats on your new babies - I wanna snatch that silkie mix babies and bring it home with me! I just set eggs and have my fingers crossed right now for a good hatch as well. I will be thrilled to get a few to hatch. I can't wait!
They are very cute. Sorry about your low hatch rates. I am new to this, only had 3 hatches so far & we are hatching at about 75% hatch rate. Which I think is pretty good. I have ordered eggs through the mail & hatched my own. Good luck with the hatching. You will get better with practice or a new incubator. Good luck & enjoy the newbies!!!

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