my first hen not sitting on eggs

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    Jul 7, 2011
    hello,I am new to amerauracana hen (6 months) started laying lite green eggs on 12/8/11 ...has laid 15 eggs in egg box in coop but she has not started sitting on eggs yet to hatch...will she eventually sit on eggs... for I just patient and wait..thanks for any advice ....
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    if i'm getting you right, you are asking if your hen will ever go broody. A broody hen will sit on a nest to hatch eggs and will rarely get up off it. Some hens are better at it than others and some breeds become more broody than others. I would just keep collecting the eggs till she decides to sit on the nest. When they go broody they don;t lay eggs, so you'll know when she is ready to hatch eggs. Also if she is laying a green egg its more likely she is an Easter Egger rather than an Ameraucana, meaning it depends what she is mixed with to see her broodiness characteristics, some breeds will just not go broody.
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    Your hen isn't broody. A hen has to be in the 'mood' to wanna raise chicks.
    you cannot MAKE her go broody. It's a hormonal thing. If the hen is setting on the nest all the time, not getting off to roost, puffing up and growling at
    you and other birds when you/they come near, and possibly plucking out her breast feathers - she is broody. If she sets on the nest for a full 48 hours,
    not getting up to roost, she is broody. Just wait, in the future she may decide to hatch babies. I'd go ahead and collect those eggs that are in the coop,
    and toss them.

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    You should probably chuck the eggs and just start collecting them for now. She's so young, not broody and all you're going to get is a bunch of smelly eggs. She's just getting the laying down. I know when one of my girls is broody they sit the first egg and you'll know they don't want you to touch it. And not all hens or pullets in your case even go broody.
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    I agree with the other posts. You can't make a pullet or hen go broody. If a girl is broody she will sit on the nest day and night. You won't be able to get her off. She will get off each day for a few minutes to eat, drink and poop but the rest of the time she won't move much except to get up and roll the eggs around.
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