My First Molt ! dots of blood ?


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Sep 21, 2008
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Betty looks like she going to walk into the oven for dinner! So funny looking....

Is it normal for there to be tiny dots of blood where the new pin feathers are emerging?
Not cold... it'll be in the 40's in the morning... but if I were naked....I'd be cold

any thoughts on the pin drops of blood ?
maybe you can see pindrops of blood because that is where the feathers have probly fallen out and perhaps you are seeing the very base of where the feathers had each been before they fell out(sorry if my wording is confusing)
Brand new feathers can be tempting as a treat, some chickens learn to snap them off and eat them. Typically when I see dots of blood on the ends of new feathers that's what's happening.

If it is picking you could try increasing their space, adding gamebird feed to your layer, and eliminating any white lights in the coop, if you have any.

A heat light works great for emergency heating, if she needs it she'll use it, but 40's aren't too cold if you have a good shelter out of the wind.
Thanks for the input ... my spoiled California chickens are getting the heat lamp tonight... the fog is thick, cold and damp!
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