My first Sebastopol hatched!


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Jan 12, 2010
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Apple appearred in our world two days ago and the eggs sent were so badly handled that if my other eggs hatches (shes peeping and wiggling) then 2 out of 8 is excellent for the shipping conditions. Next time I get any I will have my own box shipped out!

Heres our baby Apple. I read that if they are darcker when born its a girl? Is that true?


if the parents are all white then you are right, darker means female.

Down color isn't always accurate but the females typically have a grey cap and saddle and the boys are either all yellow or have a silver grey wash over their back or back and head.
I thought my first hatch was a goose due to the dark coloring, then I saw a goose and it was much darker than mine. Turned out it was a gander. Than looks like a gander to me but I am no expert.
This is good to know! I didn't know about the silver wash on the ganders. I thought the ganders would only be yellow. When I saw the silver color, I was thinking buff or lavendar gosling. My buff saddleback was silver colored when hatched. I thought for a while that she was a lavendar gosling. I later learned that the beak and legs are also indicative of colors.
2 of 8 is pretty good regardless, being that they were shipped. Supposedly you can only expect 50% hatch from sebbie eggs, then you can expect 50% hatch from shipped eggs...which would leave you with 2. Maybe this year will be a better year for goose eggs cause I know last year sucked!

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