My first time butchering

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by trudyg, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Jun 3, 2013
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    Had 2 roos, so the one eyeing me had to go. I didn't do so well with the cutting up, feel like I wasted a lot of meat. Used too small of a pot to scald and so his top was over-heated and the tail end not enough. I had no problem killing him, used a pellet gun, but wow! those feathers are like armor plating when I went to chop off his head. I didn't want to chop while he was alive because my eyes are bad and I was afraid I'd miss (had visions of getting only his beak, aghh). I learned a lot--use a really big pot to scald, have everything you may possibly need ready at hand, my knife was not as sharp as it should have been. Also, I had researched and it seemed like a boning knife was the one to use so I did. That knife was sharp, but unweildy for me. The smaller paring knife I ended up useing was not sharp enough at all. Also, I was so afraid of cutting the intestines that I was timid about cutting around the vent. I ended up removing the wings and legs before gutting, then cut the breast from the back. Wished I had kitchen shears for that. I'm not worried about a whole chicken when I'm done, pieces are good, so is there any reason I shouldn't just cut up as I go along? I learned so much from reading all the posts here, thanks for all the info.
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    The meat is tougher if you cut as you go. Essentially, all the bone/tendon attachment helps the muscle stretch back out once rigor has finished. I don't see any problem with quartering, or anything like that, but I wouldn't remove the breasts from the bone.

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