my fist guinea fowl ( need some info )


10 Years
Nov 7, 2009
arthur, ontario
i just got my first guinea and i
wasn't sure if there was a specail
feed that you give then. my guinea
that i just got is about a year old and
he/she is white and small. the reason
i got my guinea is because i have some mice
or rats around and i herd that they scare them
away with there noise.i was also wondering if
there should be more than one guinea fowl?

hope you can help and thanks of you can and or cant.
I feed mine Purina Flock Raiser, others feed game bird starter, or even layer feed.

They won't do anything for your rat/mice problem. I suggest traps.

Guineas crave companionship, so yes you need more than one.
I agree with facuda, Guineas need a companion.

I feed my guineas what ever my chickens are eating, chick start, layer pellets game bird crumbles scraps etc.
Mice and Rats ... never heard of that.
Scaring off rats or mice? Not a chance.

Should there be more than one? Yes. There should actually be several others for the birds to be content.
If your guinea is small, then she(he) is probably not yet a year old-- or fully grown. Look at her head-is it white and featherless, and are her wattles red? Guins are usually the size of large hens, with the French and Jumbo being even larger. You should definitely get your guin some friends, they do much better in a group. By the way, when your guineas get older they will kill mice and moles and even snakes.
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I have atleast 100 guineas, they run in 3 seperate groups and all free range.
I feed them 28% feed until I set them on the ground at about 3 months. Then they pick at feed but mostly eat bugs.
They will eat whatever the chickens eat but mine just run to the feeders take a look and go chase grasshoppers.
Yes get him or her some friends, they are so much fun to watch. They remind me of army helmets going thru the feilds.
Hello MAMAWOLF 544 ; My Turkin Lady !!! Good to see you on the site , I just had (5) Guineas given to me , Sorry to say only one Hen !! will she set on enough Eggs to hatch ? Try sending me More E-mail please , Thankyou ....... ALANB.
Hi Alan, our email must be busted.

I NEVER let a guinea hatch eggs, that is just me. They are terrible mothers. They will fight to the death over that nest but once they are born if the keets cant keep up too bad.
So I hatch all of mine.

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