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    Jul 28, 2010
    Hello everyone
    I have joined this forum and i am looking forward to all the chicken chat and pics [​IMG]

    I have just moved to Portugal from England and i have brought all my chickens here from our local market. I had 3 hens in England named Peggy, Pat and Dot they were all very friendly but unfortunatly the fox broke into the run last firework night and the hatch was left open and i went down in the morning and only found my Pat left [​IMG] she was a real surviver she didn't come home two night on a trot and i thought that she had gone aswell and lost hope but she had settled in at my neighbors, digging up all there garden and laying them eggs [​IMG] bless her! She is now living on my old science teachers farm with lots of other chickens and he says she is laying lots of eggs and seems to be really happy [​IMG] i do miss her still though [​IMG]

    These are my girls that i had in England.

    Pat & Peggy (dot on the peeping behind them)

    Dot, RIP girlie.

    Now my new lot, here in portugal.

    First of all i have my very handsom chap Ryan. I think he is still quite young, does anybody know what breed he is?

    My pretty girl Roxy. Any idea on what breed her and Ronnie are are?

    And Ronnie.

    Then i got two chicks the other day from a differant market. They are so cute, the light one is Stacey the other is Becka. Any idea on there age? i had them seperated in a differant run next to the others the first few days i had them but i have recently put them in the main run, Ryan seems to not like them very much and chases after them a bit but they are learning to stay away from him so i think they are fine. Or should i seperate them until they are a bit bigger? They look like they are going to grow out to be some nice looking hens.

    This is one of the ex-batts i got Sally, she looks alot better that when i got her. and she has been laying a BIG egg every day! she's also very friendly which suprised me, she is the only one who come's and eats off my hand, she also seems to be looking after the chicks. Do you think it is just me thinking that or may she actually be looking out for them?

    I couldnt get a clear pic of the other one, Glenda. But she is on the right in this pic, i hope she grows her feathers back and recovers from whatever is making her fall over and have no balance. It makes me sad everytime i watch her, but i feel so helpless.

    Sorry for all the questions, hope someone can help me with the answers.
    I must say i LOVE all the pics of the chickens, espesially the silkies!! i would love to have a silkie but i wouldnt no how to go about getting hold of them here in portugal, i saw some polish hens a few weeks ago in the market but they wasn't there last week [​IMG] Im going back this weekend to have a look [​IMG] and maybe get a few more hens!!

    You all have such beautiful chickens and i look foward to joining in with all the chicken chat!!

  2. SilkieTime

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Joelton Tn.
    I am sorry for your loss [​IMG] you have some nice looking chickens there.

    [​IMG] from Tennessee
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    Apr 25, 2009
    I love your flock! I love the chickens that are unique, and your two hens definitely are in my opinion. Beautiful birds! And as for the red hen looking after the chicks... I wouldn't think that would be the case, however, I had a silkie/game hen a while back that "adopted" a game pullet chick and ran off 2 mean game hens that pecked the little one. Do you have any pictures of your coop? Would love to see! The inside looks great! [​IMG]

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