My flock has been decimated


5 Years
May 13, 2014
Berkley, MA
this is more of a lament. Of the original 10 birds I started with all but 4 have been killed by a predator last night. I left my flock in the care of a friend for 2 night and no fault of her own, a predator got my birds. I'm heartbroken. I'm coming back tomorrow and I'm hoping I won't lose the rest of them. All the love and care I put into keeping my flock safe and well cared for. I feel shaken by this. I'm trying to take it in stride, but the truth is, I'm really affected by the loss. Thank for listening fellow chicken sympathizers.
I'm sorry to hear about your birds!
I hope the rest are safe and you can find replacements for the beloved birds you lost.
Sorry for your loss, it's always hard to loose birds but even more so when you thought you had everything under control. Check your coop over carefully so you can find out how the predator got in and what you need to do to reinforce it.
So very sorry for your loss. Especially painful when you're not there. I hope that the remainder make it through the night and you're able to figure out what to do to thwart the predator.
Remember that most all of our birds have a far superior life than 99% of the chickens on the planet who are living in pretty lousy conditions. So you did a good thing for them when you took them in. Hope you are able to find replacements soon.
Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate your kind words. It's really hard when you step away for one day... And the flock gets creamed. But what was said is true. These were free range birds and they had a great life. I only locked them up at night to keep them safe. I'm going to look the coop over very carefully tomorrow when I get back and see how the predator got in. I hope I don't loss more birds. Only have 4 left and one on life support. I might have to put the injured hen down tomorrow. Hope I don't have to. Sigh. Again, thank you all for the kind words. It really helps. As you all know, not everyone understands or can sympathize.
I just got back. My little sex link hen is still hanging on. She may survive. Two more hens are missing. I'm hoping they are sleeping in the woods. They might be scared to go in the coop. I'll report tomorrow if they are back. I'm hoping the attack was not during the day. Any ideas what might attack a chicken during the day? Cat? If it's a cat what can I do?

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