My Flock LOVES Denagard


12 Years
Mar 15, 2011
They are taking it so well, I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong. I was concerned they wouldn't drink it after all the stories I read on the forum.

I am mixing 16 ML (which is very little, less than a teaspoon) into a gallon of water that has about a teaspoon of sugar and a couple of ounces of milk.

They cannot stay away from it. It is a delicacy.

If I'm misdiagnosing, please let me know! If I've got it right and you're having problems, try adding a little milk and see if that does the trick!
You are correct that your dosage of denagard is incorrect. Confused?
16ml does not equal less than a teaspoon. You are underdosing them.
ML and CC are the same measurements. The dosage in ml/cc's would be 3 and 1/4 teaspoon per gallon (16ml/cc) of water for 3-5 days for the INITIAL TREATMENT dose.
Then a PREVENTATIVE dose of 8ml/cc per gallon of water for 3-5 days is required MONTHLY thereafter.
Adding sugar or karo syrup is ok to sweeten the bitter mixture. I dont recommend milk though, it can cause diarrhea. Then the denagard wont properly be absorbed in their system, it'll pass on out the rear end.

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